Never had acupuncture before, not quite sure what to expect in an acupuncture treatment?

That’s ok, I will walk you through a typical treatment so that you can feel completely comfortable and there are no unexpected surprises!

Short and long-term

I look at the whole picture. This means that while you enjoy short-term relief, I am also working to address any underlying causes. The result? Long-term results are more likely to be achieved.

Appointment Length

Initial appointments are between 1-1.5hrs long, depending on how long it takes to complete your history (more on that below).
Follow up appointments are between 45-50mins long (depending on how much is going on with your body at the time).
Please allow for the full length when organising the appointment to ensure I am able to complete all aspects of your treatment.

What to expect

  1. History taking

    Chinese medicine has a very wholistic view of your body, and reasons as to why you might be getting different symptoms. As such when I take your history I will be asking questions relating to all aspects of your health, not just your current presenting condition. If at any point you don’t feel comfortable answering some of the questions then that is totally ok. Questions may relate to: sleep patterns, energy levels, menstruation history, obstetric history, digestion, emotions, or skin conditions to name a few areas.

  2. Palpation/ Diagnosis

    After a history is taken, you will hop onto the table, either face down, or on your back depending on what you are being treated for.
    Most patients don’t need to remove any clothing, as most of the needles I use are in the hands or feet.
    Palpation means to touch, which is another way I gather information about your body. I will ask you to provide feedback about any points that are sore, or feel different than expected when gently pushed on.
    If you are lying on your back I will ask you to lift your shirt up to the base of your ribs to expose your stomach so that I can palpate different areas of your abdomen, this information helps to guide what points I will needle.
    If you are on lying on your stomach I may ask you to remove your shirt before you lie down (I will leave the room while you do so), so that I can palpate down the full length of your spine. Again, this information helps to guide which points I will chose for your treatment.

  3. Treatment

    With your permission I will apply acupuncture needles to different areas of your body. They are often in an area completely different to where your “problem” area is (for example I might put a needle in your foot for a headache)! After the needles are in I will go back and re-palpate any areas that were identified as being painful in the palpation stage, and see if the sensation has changed or reduced.
    I may ask you at this stage how your symptoms are feeling, to see if any further needles are required to help ease your symptoms.
    If at any stage in the treatment you feel uncomfortable, please tell me so that I can adjust needles, or remove them if required.
    The style of acupuncture I practice uses a minimal number of needles, on average you will have 5-6 needles, though sometimes you may have as few as two needles, rarely will I go over 10 needles for an entire treatment.
    You can read more about the different between needles that are used for injections and acupuncture needles here.
    Once the needles are in, they will remain there for approximately 15-20 minutes, during this time you are welcome to close your eyes and listen to the music, or you can chat to me (what ever you want!).

  4. Massage and/or Moxibustion

    After the needles are removed I may use some moxa over any problem areas you have, or I will get you to sit up and use it on your lower back. Moxa is the use of the herb mugwort, it has a lovely warm radiating heat that feels lovely!  I will show you what I am doing, and demonstrate on myself so that you are able to gain an understanding before I apply the technique to you.
    I will often give you a short massage before or after using the moxa, to help you be as relaxed as possible when you walk out the door.

  5. Your treatment plan

    After you have finished your treatment I will talk to you about what will happen next. I may suggest a change in your diet, or lifestyle (for example an increase/reduction in exercise, or change to sleep patterns). I may also offer some points you can perform acupressure on between treatments.
    An effective treatment plan may require more than one consultation to ensure your symptoms abate and do not return. I will discuss your best options and respect your right to decide on further action.

Any questions not answered?

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