Online Booking and New Patient Appointment Requests

Don’t have time to call? No problem at all, find a time that suits you and book yourself in straight away, or send through an email and I will get back to you ASAP!

Please note that if you have not seen me (April Wood) before, please do not use online booking- use the form below or call me on 0420 371 978.

Please note that from 12th November – 6th December Jo Riley will be treating in my place.

Jo is actually MY acupuncturist, she has a very similar treatment style to mine, and I know that you will be in fantastic hands while I am away. Other than the person treating, all else will remain the same – cost, times, location etc.

To make an appointment with Jo during this time please contact her on the following:

Jo Riley
0407 636 453


 Online booking for existing patients: 

**Please note- if it won’t let you book, please check your name on previous invoices and use name/email from that

If you need an appointment within the next three hours, please call 0420 371 978 to see availability (it will not be displayed below).

Also please note that sometimes not all appointments are displayed below, please call me if you are seeking a time that is not available.

Request an appointment for new patients:

My Availability:
Monday: 3-9pm
Tuesday: 3-9pm
Wednesday: 5.30-9.30pm
Friday:    1-5pm

Initial appointments last 1.5hrs (cost $120)

If you would like to include any information about why you are making the appointment, or specific availability please provide details below.