**Please note that due to the current Stage 4 restrictions in place over Melbourne Metro, I have temporarily removed all online booking, and am only able to do face to face for essential/emergency appointments**

Existing patients:

If you need to talk to me about an existing issue we have been working on, and want to go over recommendations, or need a refill on supplements/herbs- please just give me a call, I will be happy to assist you. I have access to an online ordering system for supplements and herbs- so you won’t need to come in to the clinic, they will be shipped directly to you. 
I will not charge you for these calls- it is my way of supporting you when I can’t see you face to face. 

You can contact me on 0420 371 978, or email: april@nurturinglife.com.au

If you have a new issue you want to talk to me about, then please get in touch and we can organise a telehealth session (this can either be on the phone, or video call- whatever you feel more comfortable with).


Please contact my colleague Jo Riley directly for a telehealth session. 

As Jo is a qualified naturopath as well as acupuncturist so is perfectly positioned to be able to step in and assist with herbs, supplements, diet, acupressure, and other lifestyle advice that will help you manage your health until you are able to return to clinic. 

Telehealth sessions are either: $75 for 60mins, or $40 for 30mins (please note that you will NOT be able to make a private health claim for telehealth). 

60-minute consultation $75 (inc. GST):

  • Discussion re main complaint
  • Secondary complaints to be noted and considered
  • Medication & supplement review
  • Review recent pathology results
  • Dietary considerations
  • Prescribe and create patient order regarding herbal/nutrient supplementation
  • Acu-pressure/massage points and techniques if appropriate
  • A follow-up email summarising the above

30-minute consultations (inc. GST) follow-up consultations:

  • Review your response to the above plan
  • Review supplements and re order accordingly

Consultations will be held via Skype or Zoom (ensuring your privacy)

To contact Jo for a telehealth session please call 0407 636 453 or email: jorileywellness@gmail.com