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Don’t have time to call? No problem at all, find a time that suits you below and book yourself in straight away, or send through an email and I will get back to you ASAP!


1/1579 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma (corner of Rose St)

Monday: 12-9pm
Tuesday: 8.30am-3pm
Wednesday: 3-9pm
Fridays: 9.30am-3pm

** There are some times when Perineal Steaming is not appropriate, please make sure you read this information before making a booking that includes steaming. 


You will recieve a text message to your mobile with a verification code confirming your booking- please note that your appointment will not be completed/confirmed until you have verified your mobile number. Once verified you will recieve an email confirmation with the appointment details. 

Please be aware that not all appointments are displayed above, please call 0420 371 978 or email me if you are seeking a time that is not displaying as available- especially if you are needing something within the next day or two. 

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Please note that by filling in the below details you are NOT booking an appointment- I will contact you to confirm any available appointments within your specified availability, and then book you in once confirmed. Please use online booking above to book yourself in directly. 

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