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Want to use my products with women you work with?

There are two options available to you- it will depend entirely on what your requirements are as to which will be more appropriate for you.

Affiliate Option

By becoming an affiliate it means that you will receive 50% of any digital product purchases (ebooks and workbooks).
This is a great option if you would like to sell the products to your clients as a resource for them to use.
If you would like to sign up as an affiliate, then please read more here.

Premium Membership Option: $50/yrbuy now

Premium Membership is for people who would like to give copies of the ebooks to their clients without charging them for it.

Having a Premium membership gives you permission to use all digital files as many times as you like for the duration of your membership.

These books help mothers both organise their thoughts regarding birth (the Beautiful Birth Workbook) which poses questions that she may not have thought of (who will be your support person versus who will be your care provider, or what to do with the placenta after). It is non-judgemental and does not give recommendations, but instead raises questions for the mother to investigate further.

The Birth Mandala Colouring book provides a space for mothers to take some time out and connect with her baby. It provides a description of why each mandala was included, which gives a starting point for meditation while colouring. It is the perfect tool to create art to take into a birth space, that the mother created and poured her love into.

Pregnancy and Newborn Mandala Colouring Book has no reference to the birth, it is instead focused on the pregnancy and newborn period. There are images depicting feeding (breastfeeding and bottle), newborn snuggles (with mother and father), babywearing, baby sleeping, and sibling love. These images really connect with all parents no matter their parenting choices.

Mandalas for Relaxation is perfect for anyone who just wants to have some down time. Each mandala has a description of the inspiration for creating it, each helps to explore different aspects of your life, where you are at right now as well as where you are going in the future.

Simple Mandala Colouring Book is a great book for kids, people with limited fine motor skills, or people who would like to create their own patterns. Mandalas are smaller with larger spaces which allows for more creativity rather than just straight colours.

2016 Mandala Colouring Calendar is no longer available for sale, however it is availble to you! It is the perfect way to fill your year with colour. Each month is a new mandala, and a new reflection to consider for that month. Designed to be printed out on double sided card and bound, but can just as easily print out each month at a time too!

All 7 birth posters are also included, and are able to be downloaded and shared as many times as wanted.

You will gain immediate access to any new products that become available during the duration of your membership.

Currently included in the membership (all valued at $11.95 each):

That is already $71.70 value plus you can use each of the files AS MANY TIMES as you want for the entire duration of your membership!

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