Things are a changing!!

In response to the current CoVID19 pandemic, I am now offering online consultations via Zoom (free teleconfrencing software).
I take my responsibility as a health care provider seriously, and can’t imagine being stuck at home not able to share my knowledge when I know it will benefit others! So, in order to keep serving the community I would like to offer these sessions until I am able to get back in the clinic and treating you in person.

What will an online consult look like??

Obviously I won’t be able to insert any needles (I may be good at what I do… but I’m not THAT good!!), so instead I will talk you through self treatment.
We will start with a quick chat about what symptoms you have, similar to the start of a normal consult, I will also want to have a quick look at your tongue. After I have established what is happening I will be able to demonstrate the treatment on myself for you to copy. I will provide feedback as you go through the self-treatment, tweaking to help you maximise the effects of the treatment. Treatment techniques may be acupressure on certain points, specific massage techniques, dietary advice, recommending supplements, or lifestyle advice based on your specific circumstances.
These sesssions will be conducted during my standard clinic hours (see theContact page).
After making a booking you will be sent further inforformation with a link to your meeting and password for you to use at the time of your appointment.

How long will consultations be?

These sessions will be 60mins long for new patients, or 30 for existing/follow up sessions.

I recommend before a consultation you do a quick check that all software is downloaded/running as expected.
Also make sure you have a glass of water and will be able to chat uninterrupted so that you are able to focus and get the most out of your session.
I understand that most of us have children at home, so there may be some small interruptions from them- but please understand that as with appointments in clinic my time with you is limited, so the less interruptions we have, the more you will get out of it.

I will also make sure to send through an individualised self-treatment outline after our session so that you have something to refer back to (please note this may not be immediate, but will be done within 24hrs of appointment time).

How much will the online consultation cost?

For patients I haven’t seen before, a session will an hour and cost $64, for follow up sessions, or existing patients it will be half an hour and cost $40.

Unfortunately at this point in time private health insurers do not cover telehealth sessions, which means you won’t be eligible for your usual rebate.
Payment for these sessions will be required at the time of appointment- I am able to process creditcard payments while we are on the call then email your reciept.

Who should have an online consultation?

As I am not able to see patients in clinic at the moment, I recommend one of these sessions for anyone who would usually want to come in for a standard acupuncture session.

How do I book in?

You are able to book in online or you can contact me directly either via email ( or phone (0420 371 978).