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Your Beautiful Birth Workbook

Available as a  digital download (.pdf file).

Beautiful Birth Workbook

Are you pregnant and have no idea where to start with the overload of information you have been receiving?

Give me 10 minutes to take you from information overload and overwhelm, to focussed and excited to start planning your birth.

You now have the perfect starting point to achieve YOUR perfect birth (who cares what everyone else wants, this is about YOU!).

This book is your much needed missing link for getting started on planning your empowered birth. You will be able to organise your thoughts, research your options, and record it all in a beautiful keepsake to hand down to your child. You will be inspired, have thoughts provoked that you didn’t even know was there, and will enjoy the beauty that is within (you and the workbook!).

No matter what form of care you are receiving for your pregnancy, this book is a valuable resource to help you create your own beautiful birth. Your Beautiful Birth Workbook will help you attain the skills required to achieve an empowering birth where you are able to make decisions related to your care.

You will be blown away with over 30 pages of art, quotes, inspiration, and questions to allow you to figure out what your ideal birth looks like.

You will then be able to share your beautiful creation with those who matter- your partner, your care provider, as well as any one else you wish. It provides a great place to start discussions about aspects of your care you would like to have more input in.  I have worked with pregnant women in different capacities for nearly 10 years as either an acupuncturist (Bachelor Health Science, Acupuncture), birth doula (Certified Birth Doula), or childbirth educator (Diploma Childbirth Education). Time after time the same questions seem to arise, and women find themselves overwhelmed with not knowing where to start on their journey. After years of working with pregnant women to help them plan their births, I have compiled all the most common questions and areas of concern, some of which include:

  • Previous birth experience
  • Care providers
  • Pain management
  • Unexpected situations
  • After the birth
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Planned Caesarean

By being neutral, this workbook will help you create YOUR perfect birth, regardless of what that looks like to you, or your situation. If you are planning a vaginal birth, it will help you to recognise the steps that you need to take to achieve an empowering birth. If you are planning a caesarean it will help you to achieve a mother and baby centred birth that you are in control of. This is NOT a “hippy dippy natural birth all the way” type book, it is aimed at helping ALL women in all stages of your birthing journey (whether it is your first or tenth baby!). You will be able to share your birth story by including it in the final pages of the workbook After the birth you will be able to write down your birth experience to later allow you to share the complete journey you have been on from pregnancy through to after your baby arrives.

This is the perfect gift to yourself, give yourself the best chance at an empowered birth you can.

Please note this is for personal use only. If you are interested in using this as part of your work (doula, midwife, childbirth educator etc) then please check out the Premium Membership page for more details.

When you order the digital book you will be emailed login details to download the PDF, you will have 14 days to access the file before your access will expire.

If you have any troubles or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

buy digital 11.95
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What others have to say about Your Beautiful Birth Workbook:

KarenBoth my daughter Prue and I thoroughly enjoyed your e-book.   We particularly like the way its broken down into steps along with the activity designed to make you think about what you want to draw on for inspiration during labor. This is SO important! The design is soothing and the illustrations beautiful. The positive messages and encouragement are an approach we both strongly resonate with, so of course we love that aspect of the content. I really love the prompt to write about the birth in one’s own time too – such a valuable and beautiful activity to undertake. This e-book would be a lovely companion to have throughout the pregnancy and birthing journey.” Karen –

* * *

“Looking back at my births – at the time leading up to giving birth I thought I had it all covered and knew what I wanted. But, I was so caught up in exploring all the options and ideas and what other people thought was right that I didn’t take the time to decide what resonated with me. And this showed during my labouring. Nurturing Life’s Birth Planning E-Book asks you all the important questions to prepare you for birth and is so beautifully presented, it will also make a lovely keep sake. Congratulations April on making such an awesome tool for women preparing for birth, I wish I had this to help prepare me. ” Lauren –

* * *

Anneke f897ca_f5ed218e7f24675a766d9f42ca2ddb0f.jpg_srz_p_170_170_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00“I read your book and really love it! I like how you inform women about the choices they have and do that in a very non-judgemental and respectful way. I also like the illustrations and how easy it is to read.”



The time to take control of your birth and what YOU want is NOW. Don’t let others tell you what is best for you and your baby, take back your power and start exploring your options and what you truly want today.

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